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Alanis Sophia, named after Alanis Morissette, auditions for American Idol

Alanis’s legacy and impact in pop culture has been discussed for decades, but it’s never rang more true than most recently on the current season of American Idol. In episode four, we saw a young contestant by the name of Alanis Sophia audition for the show, revealing that her mom named her after Alanis Morissette.

Check out the audition below!

"You Learn" Duet by Alanis Morissette & Elizabeth Stanley | Jagged Little Pill

In a new video from the Jagged Little Pill: The Musical‘s official YouTube channel, Alanis Morissette teams up with lead Elizabeth Stanley to perform a duet of You Learn from the Jagged Little Pill album. Check out the video below!

  • Performed by Alanis Morissette and Elizabeth Stanley
  • Musicians: Tia Allen, Damien Bassman, Eric Davis, Matt Doebler, Kristine Kruta, Alex Nolan, Bryan Perri, Mary Jo Stilp, Mark Verdino

The gallery has been updated with some more scans from Alanis’s discography and third-party compilations! Check them out below.

Walk Away Live at Monxtreux Jagged Little Pill Acoustic 1997 Grammy Nominees Woodstock 1999 The Very Best of MTV Unplugged Lady Bird Soundtrack

Alanis Morissette - Predator

As a nice treat for all of us, Alanis released the demo for Predator, one of the songs that became a part of the Jagged Little Pill musical. You can listen to it via her official YouTube channel below, and I’ve embedded the Spotify link underneath.

Reasons I Drink behind-the-scenes

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Reasons I Drink‘s release as the debut single from Such Pretty Forks in the Road, Alanis has uploaded a one-minute long behind-the-scenes video on her official YouTube channel. Check it out below.

Alanis Morissette Metro News Scan Featured Image

The gallery has been updated with some scans from articles about Alanis from Metro, a Canadian newspaper! So far, there’s just three that I’ve added so far, but I’m still tracking down additional copies.

Metro 6-8-08 Metro 8-12-10 Metro 3-13-15

Alanis Morissette Ablaze Music Video Capture

The gallery has been updated with scans from Alanis’s first four Maverick releases, as well as captures from a selection of the music videos from throughout her discography! Check them out below.

Jagged Little Pill Scans Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie Under Rug Swept scans Hands Clean music video So-Called Chaos scans Everything music video Underneath music video Not As We music video Ablaze music video

The gallery has seen massive update of scans and captures deep from the archives! Check out the listing of what’s been added below.


Single - You Oughta Know Single - Ironic Single - Head Over Feet Single - All I Really Want Single - Thank U Single - Hands Clean Single - Everything Jagged Little Pill, Live Captures MTV Unplugged Captures - Dress Rehearsal The Collection Scans - CD (Standard Edition) Jagged Little Pill (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition) Scans - CD (Target Edition) Original Album Series January 1996 - 1996 Grammy Nominees March 1998 - City of Angels Soundtrack Fall 1998 - SNL25, Volume 2 March 1999 - The Prayer Cycle November 1999 - Dogma Soundtrack December 1999 - Modern Rock 1999 June 2004 - De'lovely Soundtrack December 2005 - The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe Soundtrack


November 1995 - Spin Magazine December 1998 - Spin Magazine 10/09/15 - Entertainment Weekly 1996 - Greyhound 1996 - Stoneman High Yearbook Accolades 2002 - Chronicle 2008 - Greyhound

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Barnes & Noble or Alanis Morissette’s house? It’s hard to tell in Marie Claire’s latest episode of Shelf Portrait, where celebrities, influencers, and famous bookworms invite us inside their homes to show off their personal libraries.

Some of the singer and songwriter’s favorite books include Thich Nhat Hanh’s At Home in the World, Thomas M. Campbell II and T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study, Pete Walker’s Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving, Elaine N. Aron’s The Highly Sensitive Parent, Dave Eggers’s A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (she’s read this one three times!), and Harville Hendrix’s Keeping the Love You Find. Fun fact: Her all-time favorite book cover is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, which she first spotted while on tour, and she’s been working on a book for the past 15 years. TBD on when she’ll release it!

Morissette has also been working on becoming a better ally, reading books like Sheila Wise Rowe’s Healing Racial Trauma: The Road to Resilience and Rhonda V. Magee’s The Inner Work of Racial Justice. “This is a time for learning and listening and research and learning about our history,” Morissette says. “I have been very clueless, to be perfectly honest, and these books have been very helpful in opening my eyes and opening my heart and filling me in on what’s really going on from a perspective that I need to know more about so that I can be an ally.” 

Watch Morissette’s full Shelf Portrait video to get a peek at her massive book collection, then order some of her favorite books for yourself.